Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DOOM!!! Ultra-Violent!!!

Today I want to share with you one of my greatest works with conversions. This is a project I helped my brother Ken with over at Next Level Painting. I had the luck and privilege to convert a Chaos Demon army to look and feel like the Demons from the amazing FPS DOOM. This article will be long and pic heavy, but I hope you will enjoy it

First up we have the big four demons for the army: The Hell Knight, Baron of Hell, Matermind, and of course the Cyber-Demon.

The four of these were the original commission for the project. The customer wanted DOOM inspired Demon Princes, Soul Grinders and Greater Demon.

This project proved difficult, but rewarding, as it involved a lot of creative thinking and looking outside of the box. The end result, I feel, is quite stunning.

The first of the Big Four that I worked on was the Mastermind. The Demon in the game is essential a giant brain with a face, atrophied arms, a chain gun on a quadrupedal chassis. The chassis was the easy part, and ties in with pieces required
for the Cyber Demon later. The Soul  Grinder's chassis was perfect here, and an assault cannon added to be the chain gun. The brain was simply a scientific model of a brain that was then attached to the legs. The face comes from an old 2nd edition Harlequin Jetbike Canopy and the arms from a Pink Horror.

Hell Knight

Next up is the Hell Knight. His character model in the game is your generic satyr style demon that also shoots fireballs at you. The basis of this conversion was the Plastic Demon Prince model. The musculature and limbs were a near perfect match for the proportions and anatomy of the Hell Knight.

   The head was swapped out with a head
from a Reaper Miniatures Demon model. All the chaos symbols were shaved down and/or filled with Green Stuff and muscle was sculpted to replace armor in various locations on the arms.Fur was added to the legs using a mold and flames to the arms to represent the fireballs that the Hell Knight shoots.

Baron of Hell

Next was the Baron of Hell. In the original Doom series, his character model was the same as the Hell Knight, but with a different skin color. So to avoid having two of the same converted model in different colors, the DOOM 3 character model was used as the inspiration for this conversion. The Lord of the Rings Balrog was the basis for this conversion. 

All the flames were removed from the Balrog model, as some were re-purposed on the Hell Knight. The bulk of this conversion was sculpting with Green Stuff to replicate the game's character model's anatomy and musculature. The end result is the almost baboon like pose and look for this Baron of Hell

Cyber Demon 

The last and the furthest from least, the Cyber Demon. This model took the most planning and had the most hiccups to build. However, he coneys exactly what the Cyber Demon in DOOM does, Terror.

The Cyber Deomon conversion drew inspiration from both the original Cyber Demon and its DOOM 3 re-imagining. This conversion used the pieces of the Soul Grinder not used in the construction
and conversion of the Mastermind, 
namely the torso and the front legs. 
The first part of this conversion required taking the front two legs of the Soul Grinder and turning them erect and bipedal. Next I had to attach the the torso to the legs and make him capable of standing upright on his own. The legs were 
then covered with fur from a mold.

Next, all chaos symbols were removed and the guns and sword from the hands as well. I then hollowed out the abs an replaced them with bass guitar string to replicate the intestine/cables he has in his abdomen. Next, he was given his trademark rocket launcher. This was created with two Heavy Psycannons from the Dread Knight kit. More cables from Bass string were applied to the model. His head is a cast from the Ultraforge Demon kit. That last detail to the model, and the one that truely sets the model off, is the addition to the base; the DOOM Space Marine, complete with a Super Shotgun.

 I truly hope you enjoyed these Four models. While the conversions were done by myself, I must again say that the paint jobs were done by Ken at Next Level Painting. You can check out the complete gallery for all the WIP shots and completed shots of these bad boys here. Also, the client liked these guys so much that he did commission an entire DOOM themed army to go with them. Pictures for them can be found here and here.                                        


  1. This entire time I thought Hell Knights were wearing slacks, honest to god.