Saturday, August 11, 2012

6th Ed. Battle Report Space Wolves v. Death Wing

Here's the inaugural battle report to issue in the new 6th edition of Warhammer 40k recently released. There is a lot that has changed, and a lot that has stayed the same. The Brothers Boucher battle it out again in another match in their long running rivalry. They hold no quarter, and fight each other as only brothers can. You can also check out Ken's blog at: Witness the destruction and carnage in the pics below.
Kenny and his SW vs Dave and his DW
hammer & anvil deployment with 5 objectives.  Deployment is set and warlord traits rolled. Dave scores "out flank" and held Belial and command squad back with the land raider. As well as some land speeders.  Kenny scores the ability to re-roll outflank for Space Wolves with "acute scenes", what a waste! 
Dave goes first and scores "first blood" by destroying a rhino with cyclones.
Kenny moves up the TWC for a possible "long bomb" charge, but Dave rolled the gravity effect on the mysterious objective making all charges more difficult by halving the rolls. Kenny uses longfangs to destroy the land speeder, and through "prescience" on the rune priest he scores some heavy casualties on terminators in the back field.
TURN 2: Dave brings on Belial and company via "outflank" unfortunately he is unable to charge out of reserves in 6th edition. He disembarks to prepare for a charge next turn.
TURN 2: Dave also brings another land speeder on and is able to pop another rhino as well as inflict some casualties on the long fangs with the land raider crusader.
TURN 3: Kenny moves a rhino into position, along with the fast moving TWC. Kenny also drops the land speeder and continues to harass the terminators. The rune priest casts "prescience" on the TWC in prep for a nasty charge.
Some amazing rolls on both sides of the combat.
The command squad is actually able to "stone wall" the double lords and TWC ....and even break them with the majesty lords re-rolls. Belial and some terminators died, but the TWC also sustained massive damage.
Dave moves the crusader into firing position to clear out a long fang squad. While the terminators fire cyclones, another land speeder enters play to contribute to the fire control.
Dave is able to destroy the last rhino! But h fails to hurt the broken TWC . Through counter charge they are able to win the combat.
Kenny is able to destroy the land raider with melta guns. He continues to harass the terminators and land speeder. The rune priest is forced to join a grey hunter squad due to the untimely deaths of his long fangs.
Dave has an uneventful turn of mainly just re-positioning.
Kenny moves up into position to lure Dave into cover, committing his charges, and potentially pulling him out of position. Dave attempts to take advantage.
Dave's Shooting phase is uneventful and attempts to charge.
Dave failed one of his random charge rolls and due to the underwhelming numbers and the SW counter charge he loses one entire squad and is in extremely poor positioning in Kenny's following turn.
Kenny moves into position to take advantage of Dave's failure. Harassing fire continues to weaken the terminators.
Dave's terminators manage to survive and weaken Kenny's Bear lord while killing the Majesty lord. He begins to advance on the grey hunters in order to contest an objective in the hopes of scoring some VPs .
The game continues past 5 and the grey hunters and long fangs finish off the advancing terminators while the bear lord dies killing the last terminator on the board.
Kenny wins via "tabling" Thanks for taking a look and be sure to contact us with any questions or inquiries.  Happy gaming!


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