Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2k Grey Knight Army on eBay

I thought I would post the pics of my Grey Knight army that I am selling on eBay. This army did me well. I built it for Genghis Con in Denver earlier this year and won the event with a field of over 60 players with no practice using the army before hand. Since then I have played it 4 times, all against Ken at Next Level Painting to play test 6th and went 2-2. The army is the classic Paladin Star list and is every bit as lethal in 6th as it was in 5th. I never intended to keep it. It was always meant to be sold after Genghis Con. so now it is on eBay: Grey Knights on eBay

In addition to being the army I used to reclaim my title at Genghis Con, the army was also a test for my new airbrush. I used the hairspray/salt technique to weather the army, and the blue color was chosen as the best contrast to the rust. 

More pics bellow.

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