Monday, June 11, 2012


The venerable T Hawk!!! No, not the SF toon. But the Space Marine Super Heavy Flyer(say that 3 times fast).

My brother, Ken from Next Level Painting( sent a project my way recently; to build a Thunder Hawk and a flight stand for it. I zealously took on the project, as the Thunder Hawk is the Forge World model I covet the most. It has always been my dream to have 1 or even more. A sad dream that is outside of reality as a $600+ model is too much for my finances.

Well, here are some WIP pics of the beast.

These 2 Pics show the fuselage being formed. The model was very warped, and required several dips in near boiling water to straighten out the pieces

In these 2 pics, you can see the the Wings and Landing Gear being attached

In these last 2, the Thunder Hawk sits under its own weight on its landing gear. The bulk of the model is done at this point. Only the minor stuff like guns and doors remain. BTW it came with no instructions.

So, what model do you desire the most? And is it priced too high or is it Limited Edition?

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