Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Arrivals from Japan

With new beginnings comes new experiences. I start this blog off getting down to business with some new additions to my Gunpla collection that came in the mail today.Photobucket From the Gundam AGE series is the High Grade (HG) 1/144 scale Adele kit from Bandai. This suit is a mass produced version of the Gundam AGE-1 and has the ability to take on different armors much like the Spallow or Titus.
Photobucket[/caption] Next up is the 1/144 HG Shaldoll Custom which is an independent mass produced suit also in the Gundam AGE series. This suit was the basis for the G-EXES suit which was one of the supporting ace's personal mobile suit. I am very excited about the new arrivals from Japan courtesy of Hobby Link Japan and their speedy arrival. Here are a few more pics of me taking out the kits from their boxes. I will be doing a future blog post on the construction of the kits and a full review. PhotobucketPhotobucket So that is it for now, still preparing plenty of content for the viewers of this blog and stay tuned for future posts.

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