Monday, July 2, 2012

Imperial FW Flyer at GD Spain

   This pic was taken from Warseer. They also showed some pics of necron stuff, all of which looks good. The flyer pictured above to me looks like the Marauder and Thunderbolt had a child and this is the result. So from the looks of it might be a heavy stubber on the back, twin-linked lascannons and the 3rd weapon might be a punisher cannon. Much like the other flyers this one might have the possibility of carrying bombs or missiles. The design looks imperial and its using the flyer base. Expect a FW book to update the 6th edition rules for most of the vehicles but I am going to assume this one will have 2 hull points as well.


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    1. Went over last night, not knowing anything about the work. I ISaBEL MArAnT BooTS was surprised at how different it was from other things (yes still very much 'Bryn' in style). I found it very hTtp://Www.imSNEaKeRS.coM/ interesting, and I am curious to see how it will be received in Santa Fe. Must go back when I am more awake.

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