Monday, December 31, 2012

My Xmas Present

I recently got from my girlfriend a gift card from Robot4Less and I used it to buy the 1/144 RG Strike Gundam. Real Grade kits are along the same levels of detail and articulation you would find in a master grade kit. Normally 1/144 scale kits come in first grade (FG) which has barely any articulation and needs lots of coloring or they come in High Grade (HG) that does not require as much coloring but has better detail and the kits pose easier. On 1/100 scale kits you have the High Grade lines and then the Master Grade line which offers again superior articulation for the model kit. The strike gundam is a favorite of mine since it has a nice paint scheme along with its ability to carry different backpacks depending on the battle. The Aile pack offers mobility with a mix of ranged and close combat. The other 2 are launcher which is heavy range and sword that specializes in close combat. Here are a few more pics of my Work In  Progress.

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